Guelder Gardens offers design advice to suit every taste from traditional cottage gardens to clear modern lines. We can help you choose the right plants for each spot, whether it’s a herbaceous border, a shaded bed, a rock garden, or a wind-swept sea area. Using our experience with a wide range of plants and soil conditions we can make sure that your garden will look inviting and interesting throughout every season. Isabella's Dutch heritage will help ensure vibrant Spring bulb displays.



Our general garden maintenance services include pruning and weeding, hedge and topiary trimming, lawn strimming and mowing, and soil care. We enjoy rejuvenating tired-looking borders by giving them a colourful make-over. Isabella is a keen grower and we try to use home-grown plants where we can. 



As gardeners we carry a huge ecological responsibility. Working with nature, we can help reduce environmental impact in many ways. At Guelder Gardens we use peat-free compost and organic pest control. Our professional garden tools are all battery-operated and we recycle our plastics where possible. In liaison with our customers we use a no-dig approach to soil, which helps your garden be fertile and self-sustaining. With water butts and smart water use you can help mitigate the effects of climate change. We can advise on the use of pollinator-attracting plants, wildflower meadows, and plants that help sustain your garden bird population. It’s a great idea to create a wildlife pond to attract many animals including amphibians and birds. Bug hotels and hedgehog homes complete your wildlife-friendly garden. Together we can transform your garden into a truly green haven.

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